Bereavement Illness and Loss Counselling

Life is full of moments that bring us joy, but it also presents us with difficult challenges such as bereavement, illness, and loss. It is important to have a supportive environment where you can feel heard in a nonjudgmental space. A space where you can say the things that you cannot tell your family members, friends, or colleagues.

I am an experienced therapist who is dedicated to helping you navigate these complex emotions and life changes, I am here to listen, empathise and support you, I will also gently challenge you on your way of thinking if it seems to be holding you back. This can happen if you make assumptions, which a lot of people do. These assumptions can get in the way of how you relate to yourself, and others in your world. Hopefully, you will become more at ease and feel lighter and more resilient from our work together.

My Approach to Bereavement Illness and Loss

My approach is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the personalised care you deserve. I am extensively trained in the specialised areas of bereavement, illness, and loss, allowing me to offer effective insights and support to help you through your challenge. As each loss is different, I respect that you as my client are in the driving seat.

You tell me what you are struggling with and I am here to help you look at options of how to alleviate your difficulty. There is no one size fits in grief, it is a unique process for each individual, and often the way we grieve and how we grieve is dependent on the relationship we had with the person who died. Grief cannot be rushed, and often because it's uncomfortable, people need to compartmentalise it in order to function. That is ok, I will help you to make sense of that part. I do not compare your grief to your family members, as again, it will be different. You are allowed to grieve your way and therapy can be the space to process it all.

Loss Comes in Many Forms

Loss can be sudden
Car Accident
Heart attack
Losing a pet
Sudden onset of illness, etc.

Loss can be anticipated
Terminal illness
Chronic illness
Pet illness

Or not death-related
Maybe you feel loss because of an anticipated move to a new home
Change of job
Relationship breakdown
Loss can be a missing person
Losing a limb
Lost identity
Lost treasured item

Although loss can be anticipated, there can still be an element of shock or disbelief when it occurs.

Services I Offer

Bereavement Support
Grieving the loss of a loved one is an emotional process that requires time and support. I provide a safe and nurturing space for you to express your feelings, memories, and thoughts. Through compassionate guidance, I will help you find ways to honor your loved one's memory, and gradually integrate the loss into your life.

Illness Coping Strategies
A serious illness can impact not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being. My psychotherapy services offer support to manage anxiety, fear, and depression associated with illness. I will work with you and hear what is going on. We can explore what being ill means to you, and the impact it has on your way of being in the world, your relationship with others, and your way of viewing yourself. Therapy offers a space to say the hard things that you may find difficult to say to someone closer to you to develop coping strategies, enhance your emotional resilience, and foster a positive outlook on your journey to recovery.

Navigating Life's Transitions
Life is filled with transitions, some of which can be challenging. Whether you're dealing with a divorce, a job loss, or a major relocation, I am here to help you adapt and find meaning amidst change. I provide guidance on managing emotions, adjusting to new circumstances, and rebuilding your life with renewed purpose. The hardest thing with change is coming to a place of acceptance, as these changes may be unwanted or forced upon you. At this point in therapy, we can explore how you choose to respond to this given, and from an existential perspective we are thrown into a world, and choose how we respond to the givens. One given is death and loss. We can make meaning like Viktor Frankl teaches us in his book 'Man's Search for Meaning.'

Why Choose My Bereavement Illness and Loss Services

Expert Experienced
With decades of experience, I am a skilled and compassionate therapist with specialised training in bereavement, illness, and loss. I bring years of experience to guide and support you through your journey.

Personalised Care
I understand that every individual's experience is unique. My approach is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the support that resonates with your situation.

Safe and Non-Judgmental Space
My therapy environment is a sanctuary where you can freely express your feelings without fear of judgment. I am here to listen and provide the understanding you need.

Path to Healing
My unique way of working as a therapist is not the quiet type who nods and says ' uhuh' after you speak. I am with you, witnessing your struggle and holding out my hand to you in a way that you know I am in the room with you. I gently challenge you, so that you can see things from a different perspective. This is of course after you feel comfortable with me, and respected by me. I gauge the relationship between us, and when you are ready to be challenged i do just that. This is a remarkable experience as you are left looking at your life from a different angle. Your self-care improves, and your guilt and regret may well reduce as you are able to feel your feelings and not run from them anymore.

As an existential psychotherapist I do not follow treatment plans, I work with you based on an open attitude of curiosity and wonder. I want to know what it is like to be you, with your life situation and circumstances. From that place, we work together so you can honour yourself and the loved one that you lost. As a bereavement psychotherapist, I am also aware that not all losses are greeted with sadness, some with relief. That is part of the process as well. I am here to support you in any aspect of your loss.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation? Let me walk with you through the difficult times and help you emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side. Grief counsellors aim to help bereaved clients integrate the reality of their loss, navigate the pain it engendered, restore their sense of connectedness and well-being, and adjust to the “new normal” of life.